MAKING CHANGE artists for change

MAKING CHANGE artists for change


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MAKING CHANGE artists for change

I was recently granted a 3 month residency at 18th. Street Arts Center in Santa Monica, CA. for Oct/Nov/Dec 2010.

I will open a shop called MAKING CHANGE in their project room and will feature the art of Los Angeles area artists who work with a political/environmental/social focus. The scope of the project will actually be international as I recently started an ETSY team called MAKING CHANGE which includes artists and craftspeople who work with an activist agenda. I intend to use this blog as an interview site for the artists of the MAKING CHANGE ETSY team which I hope will expand as my residency approaches. I will promote the  MAKING CHANGE  ETSY team members throughout my residency:
Name: Making Change

Profile: Goal of Making Change is to promote a progressive activist agenda:
shops with an obviously political, social or environmental message.
Yahoo Group
How to Join: send a convo to elenamary
Members: A4DS, Andyeatsonlycandy, ArtForChange, arttoweardiva, confluencebooks, crazyartdolls, doulahara, earthplusart, EdFrascino, Elenamary, KMStitchery, localcolorist, neitherland, Pennamite, SnakeBathDance, susanhall, visualstories

Here  is an explanation of my project and with the next blog post I will begin the interviews:

Status Report Creative Economy

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