MAKING CHANGE artists for change

MAKING CHANGE artists for change


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Interview with Kimberly Harris

Above: Magic Bus Fantasy Road Trip by Kimberly Harris

How is the idea of activism apparent in your art?

I’m not sure I consider myself an activist. An observer and commentator would be more accurate, shedding light on the absurdity of a situation or event. There is no real political agenda. I’ve been a registered independent for many years.

Do you think political and environmental issues can be effectively addressed in art?

Yes, of course. I like to think that dealing with the issues in a more humorous vent helps to illustrate the absurdity and absolute madness of the powers-that-be, because the decisions they make and the drama that surrounds them can affect our lives in such profound ways.

Left: "Dance of the Auditors" by Kimberly Harris

Which artists do you admire who have an activist agenda?

I would first mention The Guerrilla Girls for being the conscience of the elitist male-dominated contemporary art world. I also have a high regard for Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keeffe. They were two outstanding female artists who broke through the social barriers of their time by creating amazing and timeless works of art.

Tell us something about your process of creating.

Almost all the politically-themed artwork is derived from reading and watching the news. The news media is an endless source of material. I also have a friend, Donovan, whom I collaborate with on much of the political art. An idea has to make us both smile before I put pencil to paper and stylus to tablet.

Right: "Green Man is California Dreaming" by Kimberly Harris

What is the name of your etsy shop?

My Etsy shop is FullFrogMoon. I have a winter holiday store called FullSnowMoon where I take my artwork and make them into ornaments. There is also a Facebook page under Full Frog Moon where comments are welcome.


  1. I LOVE Dance of Auditors! Wonderful interview and awesome blog!! Thanks so much for leaving the link in the treasury comments!!

  2. Super interview, Kimberly! Esp. like "Green Man is California Dreaming"!

  3. Dance of the Auditors is my favorite painting in this entry from Kimberly Harris a very gifted artist. Thank you to everyone who is participating in this fantastic project and especially Elenamary for dreaming up and organizing this necessary WAKE UP CALL gallery.