MAKING CHANGE artists for change

MAKING CHANGE artists for change


Monday, November 8, 2010

Interview with Loretta Nguyen and Eddie Colla of 57thirtythree

What issues are important to you?

Any issues that impede upon someone else's freedoms. Those are the ones that infuriate me the most because they are deliberate attempts to subjugate a specific population or oppress diversity.

How is the idea of activism apparent in your art?
It varies, I think sometimes it's a bit less pointed, like with our bike girl image (right). Other times it's very blatant like with our stand up against (h)8 shirt. Different approaches work for different issues. Much of the time though there is some agenda driving our message.

Do you think political and environmental issues can be effectively addressed in art?
Absolutely, look at the 2008 election. Art played a big role in that election. Art has played a big role in many political movements. Art has the ability to inspire, seduce and call to action, in a way that can be more visceral than the spoken or written word. Look at how many propaganda movements have utilized the arts. It's a powerful tool for communicating.

Which artists do you admire who have an activist agenda?
Robbie Conal, Ray Noland, Cryptik, Banksy, Ron English, Zoltron. I hate these list things because inevitably I forget someone really important and piss them off.

Tell us something about your process of creating?
I listen to NPR. Eventually something inspires me or pisses me off. Then I go make art.

What is the name of your etsy shop?


  1. Quite provocative..I had no idea!

  2. 'I listen to NPR. Eventually something inspires me or pisses me off. Then I go make art.' - That is awesome. Great work, really dig the Japanese Schoolgirl deck!